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Tankless water heaters are definitely a more energy-efficient method of supplying your home with hot water. But when you have an issue with one of these less common units, it can be difficult to know who to call for repair service. But Smithville, TX residents can rest easy knowing that as a full-service plumbing company, Parobek Plumbing has been servicing tankless water heaters for years. Our licensed, bonded, and insured plumbers have been factory-trained on the proper method for installing tankless water heaters as well as the process of troubleshooting and repairing these units. 

Because many plumbers are not as familiar with tankless water heaters, it is very likely that most will recommend a completely new unit rather than replacing or servicing a unit that has failed. But at Parobek Plumbing we know that you have invested in this expensive unit and expect it to provide the 20 plus years of hot water that you were promised. Our techs will provide you with a written estimate detailing the issue that was discovered and how your current tankless water heater can be repaired. 

Our goal is always to work with our customers best interest as our first concern. And though many companies will say that, you can read the testimonials on our website, Google us to read the comments posted by your neighbors, and check us out with the BBB. All of the reliable resources will help you understand that we really stand behind our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Call (512) 910-8123 to schedule an appointment for an evaluation and written estimate to repair your tankless water heater or install a new one, and know that we are providing you with a fair and honest estimate.

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Common Tankless Water Heater Issues

Nothing is perfect or maintenance-free, which includes tankless water heaters. One of the more common issues that users experience is a blast of cold water once they have gotten into a warm shower. This is a situation that occurs after someone else has just been using hot water and is not actually a flaw or problem with the system. You are using the end of the hot water left in the pipe from the other shower, then there is a momentary blast of cold water while the tankless heater turns back on to supply you with warm shower water. The solution is to wait just a minute or two for the cold blast to pass before jumping into the shower. 

A legitimate issue will occur when a tankless water heater begins to accumulate a scale build-up. This is a product of hard water that is a combination of calcium and magnesium. The solution is to clean or flush the system every six months with a descaling agent. If this is not a task that you are capable of or want to tackle on your own, you can schedule a regular visit from a Parobek Plumbing plumber to descale and inspect your tankless water heater every six months. Call (512) 910-8123 to schedule that appointment and know that you never need to worry about any major maintenance issues. 

A system overload is when there is too great a demand for hot water. Many systems will shut down when this occurs. Unless your hot water usage has increased greatly since your tankless water heater was installed, this issue is likely to be a flaw in the design and spec process for the water heater. You can eliminate this issue by reducing the demand on the water heater, or you can call (512) 910-8123 and set up an appointment for a Parobek Plumbing pro to come out and evaluate your tankless water heater. In some cases, the unit can be upgraded, or it might be more cost-effective to install another unit in your home to help meet the large demand for hot water. Your Parobek Plumbing plumber will be able to provide you with the best and most cost-effective solutions to increasing your hot water supply. 

Other common issues pertain more to the mechanical function of your tankless water heater. These include issues with the gas supply, the ignitor, the ventilation and air supply for the unit and the wear to the heating unit. All of these are issues that can be evaluated and repaired by the factory-trained plumbers at Parobek Plumbing. Just give us a call at (512) 910-8123 and know that an experienced and skilled plumber will arrive shortly to provide you with an honest evaluation and written estimate to fix your water heater.

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Why Are Tankless Water Heaters More Energy Efficient?

Tankless water heaters are far more efficient because they do not waste energy keeping water hot when there is no demand for it. Maintaining the temperature of a 50-gallon tank of water takes a lot of gas or electricity that is not needed with the in-demand style of water heaters. This represents a savings of about 15% in energy consumption.

Get Your Hot Water Fixed Or New Tankless System Installed Today

There is always a level of trust and faith that consumers must place in any service professional. And at Parobek Plumbing we understand that you are hiring us as much for our integrity and honesty as our plumbing expertise. Our promise to our customers to provide 100% satisfaction is something that we take very seriously and will stand behind on all the work that we perform. Our best advertising is always another satisfied customer. Please call us at (512) 910-8123 today and let us assist you in repairing your tankless water heater so that you can return your focus to the really important aspects of your life.

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