4 Gas Line Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

About 20% of all Bastrop homeowners rely on natural gas to heat their homes through the colder months. Natural gas can be significantly cheaper than traditional heating oil or electricity. However, you’ll need to be mindful of getting proper maintenance performed on your gas lines on a consistent basis to keep your home safe. Here […]

Are You Stressing Out Your Furnace?

As winter approaches, residents are thankful for their home’s furnace to keep them warm and cozy during the cold months. However, your home could easily become uncomfortable and even dangerously cold this winter without a reliable heat source. So taking care of this essential piece of equipment should be a top priority. However, many homeowners […]

Can Clogged Furnace Filters Make Me Sick?

Most homeowners don’t give too much thought to their home’s furnace air filter. It is not until they notice substantially more dust around the house that they decide to inspect the filters. But by then, the filter is months old or more and is completely coated with dust and dirt. In addition, that dirt could […]

How To Save Money With Regular HVAC Maintenance

With the hectic pace of life, it can be easy to forget about maintenance for your heating system. You don’t think about heating your home until the cold weather arrives. Then you flip a switch or reset the thermostat, and the system takes care of everything else. However, you can still take advantage of a […]

Cleaning Your Home’s Air With HVAC UV Lighting

Even the most dedicated homeowners overlook a lot of dust and dirt when they are cleaning. Would it shock you to learn that most homes have over 50 pounds of dust and dirt concealed inside their ductwork? And that all air in your home is circulating through dirty ducts to deliver more dust and allergens […]

Understanding Common Heat Pump Problems

Like all appliances, your heat pump can have issues from time to time. But in the middle of the winter is not when you want to learn about common issues. Instead, it is best to take a few moments to read up on common heat pump issues and what to do to avoid an unpleasant […]

Are You Asking Too Much Of Your Heating Unit?

During the colder months of the year, your home’s heating unit provides an essential service. Without it, your home would quickly become uncomfortable and even unsafe. But unfortunately, many homeowners are making a few simple mistakes that result in overworking their heater. This excessive workload can lead to costly repairs, an uncomfortably cold house, or […]

Winter Safety HVAC Tips

Winter Safety HVAC Tips Even if you live in a very mild climate, you are likely to use some type of heating system in your home. And it is very important that you use the system carefully. Especially if you use your heating system only on occasion, these safety tips will help keep increase air […]

How To Improve Your Home’s Heating Efficiency

Many people think that the only thing that heats their home is their furnace. And while that is the only device generating heat in your home, there are other ways to maintain the heat you have in the space. And by tapping into some of these tricks and tips, you can reduce the cost of […]

How To Get The Most Out Of Your AC System

Most of us can’t imagine living in a home with no air conditioning. While AC was once a luxury item, it is now a very common feature in most homes and an absolute necessity in some country’s hot regions. But with the rising cost of electricity, many homeowners are asking how to get the most […]