Beware Of The Costly AC Repair Scams

Homeowners know that their air conditioning system is critical for a comfortable home in the summertime. But for most of us, that is where our AC expertise ends. When there is an issue with the house not cooling, we rely on the advice and diagnosis of an HVAC expert to guide us in making a […]

Reduce Indoor Air Pollution With Your Air Conditioner

It might surprise you to learn that the air inside your home can contain about twice the outside air pollution. Most people think that going indoors will provide relief from allergies and other breathing issues related to pollution. But the truth is that there are more pollutants inside, but they are often from different sources. […]

How Important Is Changing The Filter In Your Air Conditioner?

Most people never think too much about their air conditioning until it stops working. We become very accustomed to living in climate-controlled comfort. And until that comfort disappears, we don’t give a thought or the care and maintenance an AC system deserves. Even something as simple as changing the filter can make a significant difference […]

Simple Ways To Save On Your Summer Cooling Costs

As the summer heat begins to take its toll on you, the last thing that you want to do is think about the massive utility bill that will arrive soon. Like many homeowners, you are forced to find the right balance between your comfort level and the cost of cooling your home. And unfortunately, it […]

What These 5 Air Conditioner Smells Are Trying To Tell You

When you first fire up your air conditioner in the late spring or early summer, there is often a strange odor for a few minutes. But that dusty smell soon dissipates, and you are left with nothing but refreshing cool air. All of the dust that has settled into the unit while it was at […]

All You Need To Know About HEPA AC Filters And COVID

HEPA AC filters have been making headlines, which would never have happened if it were not for the COVID pandemic. After the Governor of New York mentioned using these filters in malls to prevent the airborne spread of COVID, HEPA filters have been flying off the shelves. But there is more to the story that […]

5 Tips For Safe Home Heating This Winter

In the winter months, home heating is essential for your comfort and the safety of your home. Excessive temperature changes can damage everything from pipes and appliances to the frames around doors and windows. But in addition to the need for warmth, it is essential to maintain safety in your home. The following five tips […]

Heating And Cooling Myths Every Homeowner Should Understand

When homeowners are looking for ways to save money on heating and cooling costs, it can be easy to be misled by many of the myths that are floating around on the Internet. But when you need some solid advice or tips, who better to turn to, and trust, than your local HVAC pros at […]