Regular Maintenance Habits for Your Home’s Sewer Line

Pipeline on land

One of the best ways to ensure that the sewer line for your home is healthy is to maintain it throughout the year. Not only should you have a professional plumber provide services like repairs, pipe relining, and replacements when necessary, but you can also get involved with preventative maintenance. A Preventative Maintenance Schedule Keeping […]

4 Signs you Should Replace Your Plumbing Fixtures

Filling up a glass with clean drinking water from kitchen faucet

Plumbing fixtures are important to the functioning of your home, but they wear out over time. They include sinks, toilets, water heaters, faucets, and other parts of the system that keep everything flowing. These fixtures are often overlooked until they break down. After that, you may be left scrambling for help. If you suspect it […]

5 Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Water Heater Running Perfectly

A plumber is performing maintenance on a residential water heater

Your household uses your water heater every single day, causing wear and tear to occur to the unit. To keep your water heater efficient and damage-free, there are some important maintenance tasks that a professional should conduct throughout the year. 1. Regularly Check for Leaks A water heater leak can cause a tremendous amount of […]

4 Gas Line Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

About 20% of all Bastrop homeowners rely on natural gas to heat their homes through the colder months. Natural gas can be significantly cheaper than traditional heating oil or electricity. However, you’ll need to be mindful of getting proper maintenance performed on your gas lines on a consistent basis to keep your home safe. Here […]