4 Signs of a Cracked Sewer Line

Water leaking from the plastic faucet on a residential electric water heater sitting on a concrete floor with a red pipe wrench, tubing cutters, teflon tape and copper fittings in the foreground to repair or place the appliance.

Unexpected puddles of water in the yard, water backing up into sinks and bathtubs, and foul odors from the sink or shower drains can all be signs that you have a cracked sewer line. The following are some ways to identify the signs of a cracked sewer line, as well as repair and replacement considerations. […]

7 Maintenance Dos and Don’ts for Extending the Life of Your Water Heater

House water heating boiler with pump, ball valves and filters

Water heaters are essential to our daily lives, providing hot water for showers, laundry, and dishes. Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure your water heater continues to operate. By following a few simple dos and don’ts, you can extend the life span of your water heater and avoid unexpected breakdowns. 1. Do Flush Your Water […]