4 Gas Line Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

About 20% of all Bastrop homeowners rely on natural gas to heat their homes through the colder months. Natural gas can be significantly cheaper than traditional heating oil or electricity. However, you’ll need to be mindful of getting proper maintenance performed on your gas lines on a consistent basis to keep your home safe. Here are four things to bear in mind.

1. Be Aware of Where Your Gas Lines Are

As a homeowner, it’s crucial that you understand where all of the gas lines are that run throughout your home. If you simply utilize natural gas for heating alone, then you’ll have a single gas line pipe that runs from the meter outside your home to your furnace. If you have multiple gas appliances, then you’ll have gas lines that run throughout the walls of your house. You need to be conscious of where these are so that you can avoid unintentionally damaging one.

2. Schedule Semi-Annual Inspections

Natural gas can be very dangerous when it leaks into your home. In fact, it’s extremely flammable and is a known cause of house fires. To help reduce your risk of experiencing a gas leak, it’s best to contact Parobek Plumbing & Air Conditioning in Bastrop County, TX to perform semi-annual inspections. These gas line inspections will allow us to determine if there are any leaks in your delivery system, large or small. This way, they can be addressed before they get worse.

3. Have Old Connectors Replaced

Appliances aren’t designed to last forever. If you’re using any natural gas appliances that are over 25 years old, it’s highly likely that their connectors are leaking. You should have a professional replace the gas line connectors on all of your aged appliances to help ensure a secure fit for your gas line.

4. Visually Inspect Your Lines

You should visually inspect your gas lines every three months. Be sure to use the gas shut-off valve before you do your inspection. This will reduce your risk of inhaling a harmful amount of natural gas if there is a leak. You’ll want to run your hands over all the exposed gas lines in your home. If you notice any dents, corrosion, or loose fittings, you should contact a professional to have these issues addressed.

Pay particular attention to the vegetation that is growing near any of your gas lines. If there is a leak, this vegetation is likely to be dying. Additionally, any extra condensation that is on your windows can be an indication of a leak in your gas line.

If it’s time to schedule your semi-annual gas line inspection service, contact Parobek Plumbing & Air Conditioning today!

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