Cleaning Your Home’s Air With HVAC UV Lighting

Even the most dedicated homeowners overlook a lot of dust and dirt when they are cleaning. Would it shock you to learn that most homes have over 50 pounds of dust and dirt concealed inside their ductwork? And that all air in your home is circulating through dirty ducts to deliver more dust and allergens to surfaces around your house. But do you know what else that air is circulating?

A Hidden Health Hazard

Your home’s ductwork is home to more than just dust and dirt. There are also many types of mold and bacteria found in every duct system across the country. And the more humid the climate, the greater the potential for extensive mold growth and contamination. If you or anyone in your household suffers from COPD, asthma, reoccurring respiratory infections, or other breathing issues, the cause could be lurking in your home’s ducts.

The Power Of UV Light

For over a century, UV lighting has been known to kill mold, bacteria, and viruses. But it was not until recently that a study proved just how effective this sanitization method could be. In 2012 the Duke University Medical Center determined that UV light killed 97% of the bacteria immune to the impact of antibiotics.

The UV Options For HVAC Systems

There are two primary types of UV light systems that are commonly installed in a residential setting. When both types are used in your home, the cleaning encompasses both your HVAC equipment and the ductwork. This solution offers the highest level of cleaning and sanitization possible.

Coil Sanitization Lights- All homes with central air conditioning have an indoor coil that dehumidifies the air by condensing moisture. But that essential process keeps the surface of the unit constantly moist. And that moisture makes it the perfect place for dirt, pet dander, dust, and debris to become lodged. And with a collection of debris and a constant moisture supply, this coil becomes the perfect habitat to cultivate mold and bacteria. A single or double light fixture can be installed near the coil to eliminate this hazardous home for unwanted contaminants. The UV light from these fixtures works to constantly clean the surface and eliminate potential hazards from your HVAC equipment.

Air Sanitization Lights- These UV lights are located in the ductwork of your home. They are constantly scrubbing the air being pulled into your HVAC system. These lights can be U-shaped or in a stick configuration and are placed at the intake to help eliminate bacteria, mold, and other contaminants before they reach the internal portion of your HVAC equipment.

This combination has proven to be the most effective for reducing potentially harmful mold, bacteria, and harmful contamination in homes when used together. Anyone with breathing complications or immune issues can benefit from this almost institutional level of air cleaning in their home.

The Cost

As with most things, there are many considerations such as brand, type, and the size of your home that will impact the cost of an HVAC UV sanitization system. And it is essential to understand that while some DIY models are on the market, the installation process is more complex than the average homeowner can handle.

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