How To Improve Your Home’s Heating Efficiency

Many people think that the only thing that heats their home is their furnace. And while that is the only device generating heat in your home, there are other ways to maintain the heat you have in the space. And by tapping into some of these tricks and tips, you can reduce the cost of your heating and even save some wear and tear on your furnace this winter.

Protect What You Pay For

Even with an extremely energy-efficient furnace, you are paying good money for the utilities used to heat your home. And in many cases, there are several ways that the heat is escaping from your home without doing much to keep you warm and comfortable. The first places to check for unacceptable heat loss are the windows in your home. Drafty windows account for up to 25% of all heat loss in many homes.

Check the window frames for gaps, place your hand near the glass to feel for a temperature change, or hold a candle near the window to watch the smoke escape through an air leak. If you find heat loss issues at your windows, either install plastic sheeting to seal the windows or install thick drapes to add much-needed insulation. Sliding glass doors are another source of significant heat loss in some homes. Covering glass doors with a thick curtain is the best way to limit heat loss without sacrificing the use of the door during the winter months.

Take All The Free Heat You Can Get

Radiant heat from the sun can add a significant amount of comfort to your home during the day. Be sure to open curtains and blinds facing the sun each morning to enjoy the free warmth. But be sure to close the blinds when the sun is no longer adding to the warmth of your home. Trim large shrubs back from windows to allow for maximum heating.

Go Programmable

A programmable thermostat is a great way to save energy. These thermostats allow you to reduce your home’s temperature slightly at certain times of the day or night. Many consumers find that they never notice a change in their comfort when their home’s heat drops a few degrees late at night. They are in bed asleep and never feel the difference. But the energy savings is something that they notice.

It is also possible to set your programmable thermostat to drop the temperature a few degrees while everyone is at work or school during the day. No one is home, and it is a great way to enjoy another small savings. When you think about how many hours you are asleep or at work over the course of an average week, you will find that it adds up quickly. And results in a tidy cost savings that you would never have discovered without a programmable thermostat.

Regular Maintenance

Like your vehicle, your furnace needs some regular care to continue to operate at its peak efficiency. The small amount of time and money invested in an annual tune-up from the pros at Parobek Plumbing & Air Conditioning will quickly come back to you in the form of lower utility bills. The reduced wear and tear can also add years to the life of your furnace. And you will know that your furnace will function reliably throughout the winter and for many years to come. Call (512) 910-8123 to schedule your annual furnace inspection. We offer appointments in the evening and on the weekends to work with your hectic schedule. And our rates are the most competitive in the area.

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