How To Save Money With Regular HVAC Maintenance

With the hectic pace of life, it can be easy to forget about maintenance for your heating system. You don’t think about heating your home until the cold weather arrives. Then you flip a switch or reset the thermostat, and the system takes care of everything else. However, you can still take advantage of a system inspection to save you frustration and money down the road.

Slowing Wear And Tear

Even once the heating season has begun, it is not too late to call in a professional to inspect and tune-up for your furnace. While you are spending a small amount for the service call, you could be saving a significant amount as well. During a routine inspection, your HVAC expert will clean the unit and remove the dirt that can damage your furnace over time. Also, there will be a thorough inspection of all of the mechanical components for signs of wear and tear.

Catching the signs of wear before a part fails is the best way to avoid costly damage to your furnace and a day with no heat. In most cases, the replacement is very affordable and fast because the worn item did not break and damage other essential parts of the system. 

The Value Of A Tune-Up

Just like a tune-up for an automobile, an HVAC tune-up increases the efficiency of your furnace. The cleaning, lubrication of moving parts, and minor adjustments can vastly improve the function of your furnace and reduce your operating costs. In many cases, the increase in energy efficiency is significant enough that the savings from your energy bill covers the cost of the service call. And with all the dust and dirt removed from the unit, you will discover that your home remains clean and dust-free longer.

Dreaded And Costly Leaks

Another critical part of any furnace system is the ductwork. These are the passages that deliver the warmed air to each room in your home. And when there are leaks in the ducts, you are losing some of that warmed air. Over time, the joints in the ductwork fail. And you could be missing out on around 30% of the warm air that your furnace is creating.

If you have a boiler system or a heat pump, leaks are an even bigger concern. A leak in either of these systems can significantly reduce the units’ ability to create warm air. And the leaking refrigerant or water from these systems could also be causing damage to your home. An annual service appointment is the best way to spot a minor issue before it becomes a significant problem that is very expensive to repair.

Spend A Little To Get A Lot

You might think that an early fall service call to inspect and clean your HVAC system is not budget-conscious. But when it eliminates the need for an emergency service call for a broken down furnace, the investment appears more necessary. And if there is an issue with your furnace or ductwork, you have time and options, as long as you know about them before winter strikes. It can take time to order parts or budget for a more costly repair. And knowing that you will not need your furnace for a few weeks while the process is completed provides you a great deal of comfort and peace of mind.

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