3 Costly Plumbing Mistakes To Avoid

Most homeowners take their home’s drains for granted, casually pouring all kinds of liquid and solid waste into them. And then, when there is a clog or other issue, they take matters into their own hands and try what appears to be an innovative and cost-effective DIY clog solution. But that same bottle of liquid drain cleaner that claims to remove clogs and eliminate the need to call a plumber is likely to add to your troubles and make even more work for your favorite licensed plumber.

What The Label Does Not Explain

The images and slogans of drain cleaners make them sound like nothing short of a miracle in a bottle. But what they fail to mention is that they contain some very caustic and hazardous chemicals like hydrochloric acid. The idea behind drain cleaners is that the chemical reaction will create heat to soften the clog and let it wash away to the city sewer system.

But what happens more often than that is damage to your drains and no-clog removal. The corrosive acid begins to eat away at your metal drain line as fast as it does the clog. And if the drain is plastic, the heat created by the chemicals can damage or destroy the drain pipe. When used repeatedly, you will likely have more leaks in your drain lines than you care to fix. And the only solution will be a replacement. So instead of entrusting your drain lines to these harsh chemical cleaners, schedule a professional drain cleaning that uses nothing but a high-pressure jet of water to clean drains and remove clogs.

Minor Issues Bring Small Repair Bills

The second mistake that many homeowners make is not addressing the minor drain issues before they become significant problems. A drain clog is never going to solve itself or magically wash away. However, it can be an easy and cost-effective solution if you address the matter as soon as the drain is slow to clear. Baking soda and vinegar followed by hot water will remove many minor blockages before turning into drain-blocking clogs. But if you keep ignoring the minor issues, you will soon have a major one that also brings a significantly larger repair bill. Now you need to pay for that drain cleaning instead of using a few staples from the pantry.

Another classic example is ignoring a dripping faucet. For the cost of a washer or some Teflon tape, you could eliminate the dripping. But after a few months, the leak has damaged the faucet, and now you have a more significant leak, water damage, and maybe even some toxic black mold growth to remove. That will be a much more costly repair. So remember, fix a minor issue with a small repair bill to avoid the bigger and more expensive problems.

Drain Lines Are Not Trash Cans

Most household drain clogs are very avoidable. But you need to be willing to walk over to the trash can. Many people look at the kitchen sink as a place to dispose of all their food waste. Even with a garbage disposal, that is not possible. A disposal is only meant to grind up bits of food washed off of dishes and cookware. So make the trip to the trashcan to scrape dishes and dispose of food waste. You will be amazed to enjoy any years of clog-free drains and fewer foul odors coming from your sink drains.

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