3 Reasons Why Your Water Bill Has Been Rising

3 Reasons Why Your Water Bill Has Been Rising

If you suddenly find your water bill skyrocketing, then you may want to take a look at your hardware. While water usage is expected to fluctuate a bit throughout the year, most people’s water bill should stay consistent. Sudden spikes in cost and usage usually indicate a leak.

Your high water bill may not actually have anything to do with you using more water. In many cases, a hidden leak or problematic pipe is the reason behind rising costs. Consider these possible causes to get to the bottom of your inexplicable water bill.

1. Leaky Pipes or a Running Toilet

Have a plumber come in and inspect your pipes and fixtures. A leak can use hundreds of gallons of water each year, completely unbeknownst to you.

2. Outdoor Plumbing and Irrigation

Busted outdoor pipes or a faulty irrigation system could also be stealing your water. If you ever notice wet spots in your yard, this is a sign something’s going on underground.

3. A Broken Flush Valve

The ball at the bottom of a toilet’s tank can wear out over time and cause an unexpected spike in water usage. To check for a leak, flush your toilet, allow it to completely refill and add a few drops of colored food dye. Wait 20 minutes and look for any streaks of color in the toilet bowl. If there is, you have a leak.

leaky toilet can use 15 or more gallons a day. That’s at least an extra 450 gallons you’re paying for every month.

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