Do You Know The Signs Of A Water Leak In Your Home?

Most homeowners are guilty of overlooking a small drip or water leak in their home, thinking it is unimportant. Even a dripping hose bib or fitting at the swimming pool or spa equipment is believed to be so minor that it does not warrant a repair. The ground will soak up the moisture, and it will be forgotten. But what these same homeowners are not considering is that a water leak never stays small forever. It will grow, and the amount of water it is wasting will increase. Sooner or later, it will also begin causing costly water damage, either inside or outside your home.

But the really costly leaks are the ones that you never see. They can be hidden in the walls and floors of your home or even under the concrete foundation. And unless you are aware of the common indications of these hidden water leaks, you will be in for some very costly repairs. So when you discover any of the signs of a hidden water leak, call your plumber immediately.

A Significant Jump In Your Water Bill

Your water bill will never jump for no reason. The reason is that your home is consuming more water. So if you cannot explain the uptick in your water usage, it is time to consider a water leak as the culprit and call in a licensed plumber.

The Sound Of Moving Water Is Not Always A Good Thing

If you hear the sound of water running or dripping but cannot locate any tap that is on, be worried. When the house is very quiet, you might hear a leaking pipe or fitting concealed inside the walls of your home. The water will drip onto the interior surface of a wall or floor and provide just a hint that there is a problem lurking inside your home. Call a trusted plumber quickly for a leak detection visit, even if you only think you hear dripping water.

A Pungent Or Foul Odor

If you have gotten a few wafts of an odd or nasty odor in your home, follow your nose. The issue could be mold and mildew growth due to a water leak. If you are fortunate, there are other signs to guide you, such as an odd wet area on the floor or damp drywall to indicate a leak before the mold contamination becomes excessive. In the right conditions, mildew can be detected after only 24 hours of exposure to a water leak. So call your trusted plumber at the first signs of mold and mildew or their foul odor.

Wall Or Foundation Cracks

If there is a water leak under or near the edge of your home’s foundation, you could begin to see cracks on the interior walls or along the exterior of the foundation. This is because the water can wash out the soil supporting your home’s foundation and allow it to settle and crack. Once this occurs, you will need to have the leak located and corrected as quickly as possible to limit the structural damage to your home. Also, look for signs of washed-out soil or excessive moisture near the foundation if you see cracks in the walls inside your home. Again, fast action is the best way to avoid costly water damage and massive repair bills to your home’s foundation and structural support.

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