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How Rain Can Cause Plumbing Problems

There is nothing better than curling up with a good movie or book when the rain falls outside. However, heavy rain in Texas can cause serious damage to the electrical grid and result in plumbing problems. You may find yourself dealing with flooding in your home and other issues that you never expected to see. It’s easy to find out what problems can occur that affect your Bastrop, TX home and when to call for support.

Standing Water

One thing you can see during or after a storm is standing water, especially in your shower and tub. A simple storm can drop several inches of rain in Bastrop within a few hours. That rain can easily push debris into your pipes, which keeps the water from flowing out. Instead of reaching the sewer system, the water backs up into your home and brings some of the debris with it. In addition to water, you might see leaves and small tree branches.


The biggest plumbing problem that happens after a Texas storm is flooding. Flooding can also happen in the middle of the storm and leave you worrying about what will happen next. Your Bastrop yard should have enough drainage so that the falling water moves away from your home. If you do not have proper drainage, the water will leave behind large pools outside. The water can also come inside and cause flooding.

Burst Pipes

Though some Texas residents think that burst pipes only happen to those who live in cold climates, it’s a common problem in Bastrop and other cities. Heavy rainfall allows a lot of sediment and debris to accumulate in your pipes. Many notice that their water turns a deep brown color because of rust in their pipes or that dirt and other sediment comes out of their faucets. As the sediment builds up, it can cause the pipes to break. Repiping is just one possible solution to the problem.

Raw Sewage

Another plumbing issue that can occur due to clogs and blocks is the presence of raw sewage. Raw sewage can back up when it has nowhere to go. Instead of flushing your toilet and feeling confident that it reaches the sewer system, that sewage can hit pockets of debris and back up because it cannot exit your home. You should notice the smell of raw sewage before you see it coming up through your pipes.

Learn to Enjoy the Rain Again

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