How To Pamper Your Pets At Home Instead Of A Trip To The Groomer

You always know when it is time for your furry one to get a bath. He or she begins to scratch at itchy skin, and you start to notice a less than pleasant odor. But the thought of dog washing or a trip to the groomers each has drawbacks. A bath at home can be stressful for you and your pooch. But paying for costly professional grooming also creates a pinch in your wallet. However, your local plumber could have a solution that both you and your fur baby will appreciate.

Pet Bathing Stations

You might have used some specialized pet bathing facility at your local pet store and found it to be quite easy to use. But have you ever thought about creating a bathing station at home? Many pet owners decide that installing a pet-friendly bathing station at home is an excellent solution for everyone involved. There are a surprising number of companies that offer pet-specific bathing tubs or stalls. Smaller dogs are often easier to bathe in an elevated tub, while larger breeds do best in a floor-level tub or a stall.

Picking The Perfect Spot

Most laundry rooms provide access to a drain and water supply. Other options include in the basement, a spare or less often used bathroom, or even outdoors if you live in a warmer climate. But what is essential is that the space works for you and your pet’s needs. Storage is also essential to contain bathing and grooming items. And many pet owners like to have enough space to store designated doggie drying towels. 

No Room For A Dedicated Doggie Shower?

Not every home can accommodate a bathing station just for dogs. But that does not mean that you cannot create a spa-like experience for your pooch. The first must-have is a hand-held shower wand. This lets you soap and rinse with far fewer objections from your dog. And if you are using a standard tub, be sure to place a rubber mat in the tub to provide more stable footing. 

When it comes time to dry your dog, a second rubber floor mat is a good idea. It provides a dry and stable surface for wet paws and gives you better footing as well. And finally, for older pets, remember that it can be a challenge to get into a standard bathtub. Some pet owners use a ramp to make the process of getting into the tub and out less stressful. Others opt for an adapted tub, such as a plastic baby pool with lower sides.  

Finally, be sure to do yourself a favor and place a fine mesh screen in your tub drain. This screen will catch all of the loose hair and fur that cause nasty drain clogs. Place a trash receptacle within reach so that you can remove the hair as needed and place it in the trash.

If you suffer a mishap with your mesh screen and find that some fur did get washed down the drain, never attempt to correct the issue with chemical drain cleaners. These caustic products are more likely to dissolve your drain pipes than the pet hair. The best solution is a professional drain cleaning from the pros at Parobek Plumbing & Air Conditioning. And our service is guaranteed to eliminate any future problems.

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