My Toilet is Leaking at the Base. Why is This Happening?

My Toilet is Leaking at the Base. Why is This Happening?

Toilet problems are one of the biggest nightmares for any homeowner to experience. When the commode is out of service, just about everything comes to a screeching halt. A leaky toilet base signifies a deeper problem, so you’ll want to call in a professional plumber if you don’t consider yourself the fixer-upper type!

There are several reasons why the base of your toilet might be leaking, and understanding the potential culprit will make it easier for you to explain the problem, get help, and prevent serious water damage.

1. Broken Wax Seal

Toilets are built to last — it’s not uncommon for one to last over 40 years. A wax ring around your toilet’s closet flange stops water from leaking out from underneath the toilet.

When a wax seal cracks or breaks, there’s nothing to prevent the water between your toilet and the pipes from running all over your bathroom.

There are many tutorials online that can walk you through the steps of replacing your wax seal, but you shouldn’t attempt a toilet removal or installation unless you’re comfortable working with plumbing. Sometimes, people try to take apart their toilets and do some handiwork only to discover a much larger problem that they don’t know how to repair.

2. Loose Tee Bolts

Sometimes, the bolts that connect your toilet to the floor can come loose. A simple adjustable wrench can fix this problem. Simply remove the plastic covers from the bolts, ensure your toilet is properly positioned, and tighten the bolts until they don’t move.

If the bolts are stuck in place or just spin endlessly, you’ll have to replace them. You can replace toilet tee bolts easily and cheaply; just head to your local hardware store.

In order to replace toilet tee bolts, you will have to remove the actual toilet. This is due to the fact that there are nuts underneath the tee bolts that connect to the toilet flange.

Older models may use a different type of anchor bolt, so snap a picture of the bolts on your phone to show an associate at the hardware store. You should also buy some new nuts for your bolts, just in case you take your toilet off and find that the old ones have corroded.

Caulk Around the Toilet Base:
Preventing a Problem or Hiding a Problem?

You may want to just caulk the base of your toilet to prevent any more water from reaching the floor, but this is a big mistake. Water leaking from under a toilet is a sign of an internal problem. When you caulk around the toilet base, water gets trapped underneath, leading to bacteria growth, mold, and a foul odor. Water damage beneath the toilet can also wear down the floor, leading to thousands of dollars in expensive repairs.

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