Should I Use A Carbon Filter With My Water Softener?

Water quality has become a growing concern in Bastrop as well as across the country. You see news reports and stories about cities with unsafe water and residents who are getting sick because they trust their water provider to deliver water that is safe to drink. However, each homeowner’s responsibility is now to ask questions, do their research, have their water tested, and find a solution for low-quality water. But there can be a lot to learn before you decide what is needed to provide the quality of water purity that you want for your loved ones.

Do You Need Water Filtration, Water Softening, Or Both?

Before you can answer this question, you need to know what these two different processes offer. Water softeners are designed to remove the minerals from water that taste bad and have an odd odor. These minerals are also responsible for the scale or nasty white build-up you see on water fixtures. It is also essential to understand that the same scale can be accumulating inside your water lines, creating issues with low water pressure and leaking pipes due to corrosion.

Water filtration is an entirely different process that removes contaminants from your water. The level of filtration can vary greatly. And it is that level that determines how much contamination is removed from your water supply. Carbon filtration is one of the oldest and most trusted processes used to purify water.

What Benefit Does The Carbon Filter Provide?

When you add a water softener and carbon filter to your home, the carbon filter is placed before the water softener to provide filtration before it enters the softener. The filtration removes chlorine and other contaminants that could damage the water softener. It also extends the life expectancy of the softener unit, as it does the other components of your home’s plumbing system.

In addition to protecting the water softener, the carbon filter removes many of the impurities that are compromising your home’s water quality. Some of the many benefits you will enjoy thanks to the addition of a carbon filter include:

  • Water that is free of particulates and other contaminants
  • Substantial cost savings over what you are spending on bottled water
  • Elimination of all the labor to purchase and drag that bottled water home
  • You are also helping the planet by not using as many plastic bottles of water that often end up in landfills
  • Fewer plumbing issues thanks to the increase in water quality
  • You will find that your skin and hair are healthier thanks to the increased water purity
  • Your clothes will feel softer and cleaner thanks to the pure water used to wash them
  • You will need less soap when washing dishes and clothing in purified water
  • Your water will taste great and be odor-free, so everyone will enjoy the health benefits of drinking more water

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