Showerhead Cleaning Hacks to Know

Showerhead Cleaning Hacks to Know

When you clean your bathroom, do you think about your showerhead? Most of us clean the toilet, scrub the tub and wipe down the mirrors without considering what’s going on beneath the surface. Showerhead cleaning can actually work wonders; mineral and dirt deposits can build up over time beneath the head, which means less water pressure and a lackluster shower.

To get the most out of your shower and truly relax with every wash, try these simple showerhead cleaning hacks!

Give the Nozzles a Massage

Put on your cleaning gloves and step into the shower. Use your finger to gently rub each nozzle on your showerhead. Most models have flexible rubber nozzles that can easily be flushed of debris with a little handiwork. In fact, massaging the nozzles can release any minerals packed inside and restore your shower’s water pressure in minutes.

Pro tip: Use a hard-bristle toothbrush as you clean the nozzles to dislodge any small particles.

Break Out the Vinegar

Vinegar is an amazing natural cleaning product. The acidity makes it capable of dissolving dirt, grime and hard-to-remove residue with ease. To lift the dirt that’s clogging your showerhead, wrap it in a plastic bag filled with some vinegar and leave it for a few hours. Afterward, remove the bag, dispose of the vinegar, and run the water to thoroughly rinse the nozzles.

If your showerhead is easy to remove, you might want to take it off altogether and let it soak in a bucket of vinegar for a few hours to make this trick work even more effectively. By doing this, it will not only remove caked-on dirt, but it will also give your showerhead an excellent polish!

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