The Advantages of Getting a Professional Plumber to Install Your Fixtures

When you have someone who isn’t licensed and trained install a toilet, replace a showerhead, or put in a stylish kitchen sink, you take the risk of scratching, cracking, or otherwise damaging the new fixture during the process. So, you end up with a damaged fixture that leaks, looks awful, or just plain doesn’t work.

Our plumbers at Parobek Plumbing have years of experience installing plumbing fixtures in a careful, professional way.

Get the Job Done With the Proper Tools

One of the biggest benefits of calling on our professional plumbers to install your fixtures is that we have a supply of tools designed to do the job. Trying to install a faucet, sink, toilet, or other fixture using the wrong tools is frustrating, and it usually doesn’t result in success. Besides having a collection of the proper tools, our skilled team at Parobek Plumbing has the know-how to get the work done in an efficient, timely way.

Maintain the Warranties on the Fixtures

When a licensed plumber installs a plumbing fixture, it maintains the manufacturer’s warranty on the product. So, if the fixture has a manufacturing defect, the repairs will be covered under the warranty.

The majority of manufacturers don’t cover repairs of fixtures installed by anyone other than a licensed plumber. In short, when a licensed plumber is involved, the manufacturer knows the fixture was put in correctly.

Avoid Damaging Other Plumbing Fixtures

During a DIY project, even if you don’t damage the fixture you’re installing, there’s a chance you may damage another fixture involved in the installation. As an example, when trying to install a faucet, it’s possible to damage pipes or tubing beneath the sink or even damage the sink itself. A licensed plumber has the skills necessary to perform an installation without damaging other fixtures in the process.

Avoid the Added Cost of Repairs

A major benefit of calling a professional plumber to install fixtures is that it can save you money in the long run. If you install a fixture improperly or cause other damage, you’re likely to end up calling in a plumber anyway to address the issue.

Start Using Your New Plumbing Fixtures Right Away

When you call a professional plumber to efficiently install a bathtub faucet or shower fixture, you can start using it right away. So, when the summer temperatures are soaring here in Bastrop, you don’t have to wait to take a cool bath!

Why not streamline the process and start your plumbing fixture installation project by enlisting a professional? Avoid the pitfalls and headaches of being a DIY plumber. Our team of licensed plumbers at Parobek Plumbing stands ready to take on your next plumbing fixture installation. Call our offices in Bastrop today!

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