Why Should I Have a Garbage Disposal?

Why Should I Have a Garbage Disposal?

Many people consider a garbage disposal a staple in their kitchen, but there are plenty of homes that come without one. Garbage disposals make it much easier to handle kitchen waste and protect the environment. Best of all, garbage disposals are relatively inexpensive and the installation is simple, taking about three hours, give or take.

Garbage disposals are an easy and useful addition to your kitchen that will make cooking and clean-up a breeze. If you’re still on the fence about buying one, here are a few more benefits of having a garbage disposal.

Save Money

With a garbage disposal, you’ll save time during cleanup and save money on plastic bags, wrap and foil. These home products quickly add up over time, and who couldn’t benefit from a few extra dollars in their pocket each month?

Avoid Pests and Odor

Leftovers and cooking scraps can rot in your trashcan and attract bugs or rodents. Garbage disposals allow you to break down and thoroughly remove waste from your home without any unpleasant smells or trash to throw away.

It’s Good for the Environment

When you throw food waste out in the regular trash, it winds up in a landfill. America generates over 230 million pounds of garbage every year, and less than a quarter of all trash can be recycled. The plastic bags and containers we use to throw away our waste wind up toxifying the environment.

A disposal will cut back on your waste output and allow you to contribute to a cleaner, greener Earth.

Preserve Your Plumbing

When you cook and wash dishes, food is bound to wind up in the sink at some point. Often times, people try to “flush” food down their pipes with a stream of water even though they don’t have a disposal installed. Even if food goes down, it can get stuck in the plumbing. Over time, most waste hardens against hot water, which leads to a major clog and potentially even a busted pipe.

Disposals ensure that your drains are always clear and prevent food waste from getting lodged in pipes and costing you an expensive repair.

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