How to Find Hidden Sewer Line Problems

The reason that fixing a sewer line problem is so messy and expensive is that the issue is likely underground, under a floor, or behind a wall. This means that a plumber needs to dig, break down a wall, tear up a floor, or insert a video camera just to see where the problem lies. What are the signs that your sewer line has a problem that you can’t see?

Bad Smells

Bad smells behind the walls, under the floors, or around indoor drains are signs that the sewer lines are leaking. Suspect a problem if the smells don’t go away, and then call a plumber. You’ll also notice a bad smell in your yard just above leaking pipes.

Your Drains Keep Backing Up

Drains that keep backing up no matter how many times you use the plunger or other remedies are signs that your sewer line is blocked. Another problem is a drain that moves very slowly, sometimes to the point where it attracts vermin. If all of the drains in your house are blocked or sluggish, it’s a sign that there’s a problem with your main sewer line. Hopefully, all that’s needed is for the plumber to find the main clean-out plug and clear the problem.

Sudden Appearance of Mold

The appearance of black mold on your walls near the baseboards or on your floor can be a sign of a sewer leak. Suspect sewer line trouble if the mold is accompanied by a very bad smell.

You See Depressions or Sinkholes in the Yard

A broken sewer line can cause depressions in your lawn or even under hardscaping. This is because the usually warm water of a sewer keeps the soil beneath the grass or cement constantly wet. This causes it to sink. Over time, this may not just cause a sunken spot but also a trench that runs along the sewer line.

Cracked or Shifting Foundation

Shifts or cracks in the foundation of your home are serious consequences of broken sewer lines. As with your yard or walkway, the sewer water seeps under your house and washes away the soil. This creates lacunas that the house settles into. Over time, a damaged foundation can make your home uninhabitable.

Pool of Raw Sewage in Your Yard

Pools of raw sewage in your yard are also serious repercussions of a broken sewage line. The appearance of raw sewage is a health emergency. If you rely on a septic tank, you may need to get it and the pipes in your leach field replaced, which is very expensive.

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