A Complete Guide to Staying Safe While Cleaning Drains

Chemical cleaners can usually unclog debris stuck in your pipes, but they shouldn’t be your first option. Drain cleaners can harm you, your pets, and your pipes if you misuse them. Understand how your drains work before trying to unclog a drain yourself.

Remove the Strainer

Remove the strainer by unscrewing the piece that holds it in place to check for visible debris. Sometimes, debris can get stuck in the strainer, which you can remove with your hands. You can scrub a nonremovable drain cover with a scrubbing brush to knock away loose debris.

Use a Plunger

Run the water and form a pool before using a plunger on a clogged drain. Use petroleum jelly on the rim to give you a better grip and plunge the drain for a few minutes. Flush the drain with hot water to check if the pipe is clear, and then remove any small leftover debris.

Clean the Trap

The trap could be dirty if there’s no visible debris and the plunger doesn’t work. The trap is at the base of the bend, and a bucket can catch any stuck water. Traps have a removable plug or two couplings holding it in place by the bend in the pipe.

Our plumbers can easily remove the trap and access the pipe. Scrubbing the area with a long, thin brush is an option for a clog in the pipe’s bend. Sometimes, a sewer snake may be the only choice if the issue is located further in the plumbing.

Drain Cleaners

Drain cleaners have harmful chemicals that can hurt you or damage your pipes unless you follow the instructions on the label. Wear leather gloves and goggles when using chemicals in your drains, and never mix products. Drain cleaners may create toxic fumes when mixed with the drain water, and some chemicals may damage plastic or older pipes.

The chemicals in strong drain cleaners should unclog a drain if other options didn’t. Chemicals such as sulfuric acid or lye are often in drain cleaners, so you may want to look for a more natural version in order to not damage your pipes. Once the drain is clear, run the water for about five minutes to remove the chemicals.

When to Call a Plumber

Multiple clogs at once may mean an issue with your main sewer pipe, and slow-draining water could mean a deeper clog. A drain that has smells or gurgling noises could be a symptom of a bigger problem. A proper maintenance schedule for your plumbing system can prevent dirty drains and clogged pipes.

A clogged drain can be annoying, but by following the steps above, you should be able to fix it. If you have a more extensive clog, be sure to turn to the professionals. Our plumbers can maintain your plumbing system to prevent debris buildup in your drains. If you need drain cleaning services in Bastrop, TX, call us at Parobek Plumbing to schedule an appointment today.

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