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Factors That Make Summer a Great Time to Detect and Repair Leaks

If you have noticed a jump in your water bill, it may be that you have a leaking water line in your yard, inside your home, or in your foundation. Hot summer days are an ideal time to check your yard and the soil around your foundation for hidden leaks.

Conditions During Summer Make Leaks Easier to See

Conditions are dryer during the summer, and this makes leaks easier to see. For example, the contrast between dry and wet soil is quite pronounced. Furthermore, you will be able to easily detect patches of grass that are unusually lush, which is also a dead giveaway you have a leak underground.

Technology Works Better

Leak detection technology works better in warmer conditions. This is because it can more easily identify the cool spots created by escaping water.

Increased Water Usage Makes Leaks More Obvious

Summer typically involves higher water usage due to activities like watering gardens, filling pools, and more frequent showers. This increased demand can make leaks more apparent and easier to identify as changes in water pressure and usage patterns become more noticeable.

Repairs Are Easier

Repairing a water line may require some digging or trenching. However, summer is really the safest and most effective time to do this. The soil is dry and can be packed back down once the water line is repaired.

During the winter, however, you face numerous risks. Repairs are harder to make because of the harsh weather conditions, and the cold can cause structural problems. This is particularly true when your slab gets wet because this can cause it to expand and crack. The soil is also harder to work with, especially if it is frozen.

Making sure that your water line repairs are taken care of and that your slab is stable before winter cold hits will protect your home against future damage. If you find an area around your foundation that is always wet, bring in a plumbing professional.

More Time to Conduct Inspections

There are more daylight hours during the summer. This allows plumbers more time to perform inspections. This is particularly useful for outdoor plumbing systems, where good visibility is vital for identifying and fixing leaks.

Never allow leaks to go unchecked because this can lead to significant problems, even a disaster such as major water damage and extensive repairs. If you note signs of a leak in or around your Bastrop, TX home, call Parobek Plumbing for effective leak detection and repair.

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