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How You Can Prevent a Winter Plumbing Disaster

In Bastrop, we don’t have temperatures that drop that low, but there’s still a chance that nighttime temperatures could drop below freezing. This could lead to a potentially disastrous situation because of the possibility of leaks. Further, water heaters are often overworked in the winter and may benefit from some attention. Keep reading to find out how you can avert a plumbing disaster this winter.

Frozen Outdoor Components

Many of us in Bastrop have outdoor spigots so that we can water our plants when we’ve been dealing with dry spells. These spigots are convenient, but they can be vulnerable to winter temperatures. The spigot itself could freeze, and so could outdoor pipes. In addition to blocking water from flowing, ice in your fixtures or pipes could cause those components to crack. When the water is flowing again, there could be a big leak that you’ll have to deal with.

While we can’t do anything about the weather, we can try to prevent these scenarios. The best way is to remove water from any outdoor pipes or fixtures. At Parobek Plumbing, we can help with this if you need assistance. We’ll make sure the valve that supplies your outdoor water line is turned off, and then we’ll drain the water. We may suggest that you put a cover over the spigot for extra protection. There are frost-free fixtures that you may want to consider as well.

Frozen Pipes Inside the Home

Interior pipes and fixtures can also freeze if our Bastrop temperatures get cold enough. The ones that are especially at risk are those that are located within exterior walls. Frozen indoor pipes can lead to disaster, as water could potentially soak the floor and damage your flooring and drywall.

You could expose some of your piping to more heat by opening up the cabinets in which they’re located. Your home’s heat will then be able to reach your pipes more easily. Insulating pipes can be advantageous, and so can having Parobek Plumbing come out and do a close inspection for leaks.

Have Your Water Heater Checked

Our last piece of advice has to do with your water heater. It’s a good idea to have yours professionally serviced so that any accumulated sediment can be flushed out. Our team can assess things and can repair certain parts if necessary. This will allow your water heater to be more effective. If you plan on hosting gatherings during the holiday season, you’ll need to have plenty of hot water available.

When preparing for the winter, it’s important to have your water heater checked and to protect your pipes and fixtures from cold weather. Call Parobek Plumbing for help.

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