Does a Tankless Water Water Heater Actually Save Money?

Does a Tankless Water Water Heater Actually Save Money?

When it comes to replacing your current water heater (presumably a storage tank), the word “tankless” typically comes into conversation. Unlike a traditional unit, a tankless model will hang on the wall, save space and money. Aren’t too sure how this little powerhouse could save funds each month? Here are some of the many benefits to consider:

Heats on Demand

Unlike a storage tank water heater, a tankless unit will heat your water on demand. This concept can be compared to plugging an extension cord into an electrical outlet: it won’t provide power until you choose to have it — and the same applies to your tankless unit. The minute you turn a faucet on, the wall-hanging unit will get a signal that it’s time to produce hot water. Within a matter of a minute (maximum), you’ll receive a generous supply of hot water!

Longer Life Span

Typically with a storage tank water heater, this specific unit will have an average lifespan of about 10-12 years, before having to replace it. When you opt for a tankless water heater, you’ll increase that number to about 20 years — which surpasses that initial expectancy. A tankless unit will make the perfect option for those who really want to obtain an investment value with their water heater.

Energy Efficient

Another great money-saving benefit of a tankless unit is that they’re energy efficient. The minute you invest in an energy efficient model, you’ll see your monthly utility bills drop significantly, since this device is half the size of a large storage tank unit.

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