What Causes a Water Heater to Stop Working?

What Causes a Water Heater to Stop Working?

Why Isn’t My Water Heater Working?

Fact: one of the most dreaded observations in a home is a broken water heater. Granted, this important device will usually stop working when you need it the most — and that can be somewhat frustrating. Although there is a chance that it is in need of a simple repair, here are some common signs to look for:

Tank Build-Up

Sometimes, more than just water will pass through a storage tank unit — and that can lead to a problem. Just like the faucet in your home, there’s always a chance that (over time) sediments can form at the base of your water heater and harden, which will eventually prevent your unit from working up to speed — and potentially altogether.

Think of this like a coffee filter that still has old coffee grounds in it; it’s the same concept. However, the best way to combat this is to schedule water heater maintenance, regularly, to keep your unit as clean as the day you purchased it.

Broken Thermostat

Believe it or not, if you have an electric water heater, then it could have a faulty or broken thermostat — and you might not even know it. Indeed, just like the thermostat that controls your HVAC unit, if the temperature-controlled device attached to your water heater is failing, then hot water will be scarce.

Just as if you would check your HVAC thermostat on a daily/weekly basis, it’s best to get into the habit of checking your water heater’s device regularly, too. This will not only keep you in the loop about its status, but it will also help you call for maintenance when you suspect a problem right away.

Rusting Rods

One of the most common signs of a broken water heater? Rust. Just like a nail left out in the rain, your unit has the potential to rust from the inside due to anode rods, which are a huge part of any storage tank water heater.

Indeed, these essential pieces can be replaced — but nine out of ten times, these rods are overlooked, and it’s usually too late when a homeowner notices that they should have swapped them out with a new set. Indeed, you’ll want to observe the anode rods on a monthly basis to make sure they’re still in excellent condition, which will help avoid any potential problems.

Need Water Heater Service in Bastrop County?

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