What’s the Difference Between a Gas and Electric Water Heater?

What’s the Difference Between a Gas and Electric Water Heater?

Just like choosing between coffee or tea, there are a few options when it comes to picking your next water heater. Unlike an appliance in your home, you’ll have to do some research before making the big decision. Since this essential device heats the water in your home with ease, it’s critical to decide whether you’ll go with a gas or electric unit — but what’s the actual difference?

The Difference

When it comes to choosing your unit, you’ll be faced with the choice mentioned above: gas or electric. However, when you look at the bigger picture, both are standard options that come in a variety of water heaters — but which should you choose? Well, it’s in the name itself: a gas unit will run on a gas powered flame, while an electric unit will pump out hot water thanks to an electrical current. Both are timeless features and can do a series of good for any home that has them installed.


If you have a gas powered stove or dryer, then you certainly know that it’s cheaper to run than anything that is powered with electric. Opting for a gas-powered water heater will be able to heat your water as desired, all while using a reasonable amount of energy to get the job done. When you look at your utility bills, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how much money you’re saving, thanks to a new gas unit.


Another universal power found in many water heaters is electric — which is predominantly found in tankless water heaters. The beauty of choosing this specific unit is that any hot water stored in the tank will heat up on demand rather than a tank unit, that is continuously heating water. Making it perfect for homes that tend to use a lot of water in a single day, a tankless, electric unit is the answer.

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