Does Liquid Detergent Clog Your Home’s Drain Pipes?

No one enjoys doing laundry. And it becomes an even more frustrating chore when you hear that certain types of detergent or cleaning products could be creating clogs in your home’s drains. After hearing this so-called news, you examine the inside of your clothes washer and dishwasher only to discover soap build-up and residue that further elevates your concern. But the question is, whom can you trust for honest and accurate information about detergents?

Fortunately, here at Parobek Plumbing & Air Conditioning, we have no allegiance to any brand of home appliances or cleaning products. Our only motivation is to provide the most truthful information to our clients and the potential clients who are visiting our website. And when it comes to your plumbing and drain pipes, you know that there is no one more trustworthy than our team of licensed plumbers to answer all of your questions.

Here Is The Scoop!

In most cases, liquid detergent from your washing machine or dishwasher will not create clogs in your home’s drain lines. There is actually a slight possibility that powered detergent could create an issue. But when used correctly, most laundry and dishwasher detergents dissolve entirely and do not promote any ill effects. But it is vital that you consult the manufacturer’s instructions for your machine and that you use an appropriate amount of the cleaning product. For example, High Efficiency (HE) appliances require less detergent than the old-style models.  

More Is Not Always Better

All detergents have a recommended amount of the product for each wash cycle. And this amount is determined based on how much is needed for optimal cleaning and optimal removal from clothing or dishes during the rinse cycle. If you add extra detergent, nothing gets cleaner. But it could have a noticeable residue because the rinse cycle was insufficient to remove the excess soap.

A Tip To Remedy Detergent Build-Up In Drains

If you are concerned that you might have been using too much detergent in your washing machine or dishwasher, here is a tip to counteract any residue build-up that might have occurred:

  • Once each month, run an empty cycle in your machine with only 2-4 cups of white vinegar, for larger machines use the full 4 cups. Smaller machines will handle the 2 cup measurement perfectly. The acidity of the vinegar will dissolve any detergent and limescale build-up without damaging your machine or drain pipes.

Tips To Help Avoid Detergent Residue Build-Up

  • Always use a measuring cup when adding detergent
  • Use liquid detergent to avoid any potential issues from a powder detergent
  • If you notice significant drain issues, immediately call (512) 910-8123 to schedule a professional drain cleaning from a licensed Parobek Plumbing & Air Conditioning professional

What To Avoid

When you notice a slow clearing drain, do NOT give in to the urge to dump a jug of chemical cleaner down the drain. These caustic liquids are comprised of strong acid that is more likely to damage your drain pipes than remove the clog. If flushing with hot water and using a plunger does not do the trick, call in the pros at (512) 910-8123. A professional drain cleaning uses nothing but very high-pressure water to blast away clogs, residue, and debris that is slowing the flow of water and waste in your drain pipes.

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