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Gas Lines in Bastrop County

Safe, Reliable Gas Leak Detection & Gas Line Repair Services

Gas lines can be confusing, dangerous, and should be tended to immediately. Home and business owners should never attempt to repair or replace these lines themselves. Instead, individuals should find a trustworthy company that will repair these pipes safely.

At Parobek Plumbing, we are here to help our customers with their gas leak and gas line repair services in Bastrop, Smithville, Flatonia, Elgin, and other areas in Bastrop County. We pride ourselves on the high-quality professional service we provide at a reasonable cost. Rest assured our knowledgeable and honest plumbers will provide you with long-term solutions. If you suspect a gas leak or want to have your gas line inspected, call us today. We promise your 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Work with certified gas contractors for gas line repairs, installations, and leak detection. Call 512-910-8123 to set an appointment.

Signs That It’s Time to Repair Your Gas Line

Some problems with gas lines may immediately meet the eye. For example, bent lines may not work properly or may begin to leak gas unexpectedly due to the weakening of the lines. Bent lines should be immediately repaired although extremely bad lines may need to be replaced altogether. Second, some fittings that connect one pipe to another may become loosened or break due to age or gaskets may become hard and cracked. These should be repaired immediately because they can quickly cause a gas leak. Other gas lines problems may not be quite so obvious. We will need to repair lines that have become clogged because these clogs do not let sufficient gas through and will cause undue pressure on the line. Finally, homeowners that notice distinct signs of a gas leak surely need to have professional repairs made to their gas lines.

Do You Have a Gas Leak?

As gas escapes from the lines during a leak, the pressure within the line will decrease. This will result in very cool lines; in fact, some lines may form condensation or ice on them. Other lines will create unexplained condensation or ice on the ground nearby or on vegetation surrounding them.

Homeowners may notice a hissing noise if gas is leaking from a very small hole. Additionally, some people may notice a gassy odor, which is very similar to the smell of sulfur or rotten eggs. However, some gas leaks do not produce any odor; this is why gas is often called the “silent killer.” Carbon monoxide detectors should be installed on each level of homes, especially near bedrooms, to alert individuals of gas leaks that have given off no other clues.

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If you suspect a gas leak in your home or commercial space, don’t waste time! Contact Parobek Plumbing right away at 512-910-8123.

What to Do in the Event of a Gas Leak

Whether there’s a strong sulfur smell permeating your home or your carbon monoxide detectors have gone off, it’s important to stay alert and follow these steps:

No one should return to the home until the leak is resolved as a potential gas leak is a serious hazard.

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