The Benefits And Added Value Of Professional Drain Cleaning

If you have ever tried to clean the drains in your home or remove the odor and clogs created by sticky grease and oil residue, you know that the process is not fun. You can invest hours plunging and pouring caustic chemicals into your Bastrop County home’s drain, only to discover that the time and money spent on the so-called drain cleaner was a complete waste.

Then there is the potential for damage from the harsh acid you dumped into a plastic or metal drain line, which should be somewhat of a concern. Any licensed plumber will quickly tell you that chemical drain cleaners are equally as hazardous to your health and that of your drain lines. The only safe and reliable solution is professional drain cleaning. But it helps to better understand the benefits and added value of a professional drain cleaning to make a wise choice for your home.

Clogs Are Guaranteed To Be Eliminated

When you use a typical chemical drain cleaner, you have no idea how helpful the product actually is. You might see the water begin to drain from your clogged sink. But did that chemical cocktail remove the entire clog or just a part of it? Unfortunately, you have no way of knowing until the issue reappears and you learn that your time and effort was in vain. However, with professionally cleaned drains, the process is guaranteed to remove any clogs in the line and all of the odor and clog-causing residue lining the inside of your home’s drains. If you have any other clog issues, a licensed plumber returns free of charge to eliminate the clog and re-clean the drain system.

Safer For You And Your Home’s Drains

Chemical drain cleaners are basically a jug of caustic acids that are meant to create heat and melt away clogs. However, with very little surface area to work on, the chemicals are typically very ineffective. Instead, they tend to weaken or damage your home’s drain lines without doing anything to eliminate the clog issue. Any professional plumber will warn you against ever pouring drain cleaners into the drains in your home. They are more likely to create more costly issues than they could possibly fix.

Equally as concerning as the damage to your home’s drains is the potential health risk you are taking by using chemical drain cleaners. If you read the fine print on the label, you will discover some scary information. The liquid is harmful if it comes into contact with your skin and eyes. The warning even tells you to seek medical attention if you come into contact with the caustic liquid. Just as upsetting are the harsh chemical fumes that can burn your eyes, nose, throat, and lungs. These fumes can create breathing issues and severe complications for anyone with respiratory conditions. And those toxic fumes can linger in your home for days. The safe solution is a professional drain cleaning that uses only a high-pressure water jet to remove clogs and the sticky residue that will create future clogs.

A Complete Checkup

You go to the doctor each year for a medical checkup. And an annual drain cleaning is the best way to ensure the future health of your home’s drain system. Your licensed plumber will be able to detect and inspect any potential issues to help you proactively care for your plumbing and drain system. Call (512) 910-8123 to schedule your professional drain cleaning and clog removal with the pros at Parobek Plumbing & Air Conditioning. We back our work, including drain cleans with a full warranty for your peace of mind.

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