Sump Pump Maintenance

Sump Pump Maintenance

How to Maintain Your Sump Pump

Fall or Spring is a great season to check on one of the most important but mostly forgotten about appliances in your home: the sump pump.

With the cold from winter and sizzling heat in the summers, sump pumps are heavily relied upon in the spring months to keep homes dry. This makes spring an ideal time to perform maintenance on your sump pump, as well as evaluate your sump pump needs and consider upgrading or adding a battery backup to your current system.

Consider these basic maintenance tips to keep your sump pump in working order:

  • Clean the pump inlet screen and sump pit
  • Make sure the power cord is plugged in
  • Test the pump by dumping a bucket of water in the sump pit to raise the float and turn on the pump
  • Remove the sump pump from the pit and give it a thorough cleaning and inspection
  • Grease the pump bearings if needed

These are very simple, and should ideally be done every couple of months to ensure the sump pump is working properly.

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