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A leaking faucet, or sink can be frustrating. With the number of times you use your faucets to clean dishes, wash your hands. It may seem like this relentless leak will not stop until your entire countertop has been covered in water, or worse. A spike in your water bill. Call us now (512) 910-8123 and get professional solutions to these problems. Faucet Repair and Installation in Elgin, Tx is something we at Parobek Plumbing have over 20 years of experience with. With same day appointments and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Let us show you why customers have trusted us with their Faucet Repair and Installation in Elgin, Tx. Earning your trust and business as a customer is our highest priority at Parobek Plumbing, call (512) 910-8123 today!

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Common Faucet Problems

Faucets appear to be a very simple plumbing fixture. But as a faucet ages, there are several issues that you might encounter. Some of the most common repair requests our faucet pros address include:

Faucet Repair and Installation in Elgin, Tx is not uncommon. The good news for homeowners is that all of these issues are easy and affordable to have repaired by our pros. And the repair is usually done without turning off the water to your home and further disrupting your day.

New Faucet Installation

If you find that repairing your current faucet is more costly than a new model, then why not upgrade. Not only will a new faucet add to the beauty and functionality of your sink, but it can also help you to save some money. A new low flow faucet will use about 1/3 less water than the average new faucet. And if your current faucet is more than a decade old, the savings could be even more significant.

Don’t struggle with climbing under your sink and running the risk of damaging your water supply lines. Call the pros at (512) 910-8123 to schedule a free, no-obligation piece quote to install your new kitchen, bathroom, or utility room faucet today. The work will be done by a Parobek Plumbing licensed plumber and will include a full warranty on the parts and labor.

Faucets are an essential fixture in any home. And when you have a broken or worn-out faucet in your Elgin, Tx home, it quickly becomes frustrating and a waste of water. Fortunately, with a single call, you can have a professional scheduled to come to your home and provide you with a free quote for a faucet repair or installation. And once our plumber has eliminated your faucet issues, your only thought will be that you should have called us sooner! Let us show you what the best Faucet Repair and Installation in Elgin, Tx looks like!

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Why Are Tankless Water Heaters More Energy Efficient?

Tankless water heaters are far more efficient because they do not waste energy keeping water hot when there is no demand for it. Maintaining the temperature of a 50-gallon tank of water takes a lot of gas or electricity that is not needed with the in-demand style of water heaters. This represents a savings of about 15% in energy consumption.

What To Consider Before Going Tankless

While some consumers are instantly sold when they learn about the energy efficiency of a tankless water heater, most people want to consider a few more facts before making their purchase. The first consideration for most purchases is price. A tankless water heater is more expensive than its traditional counterpart. But most buyers look at that price difference as something that they will recover over the life of the unit, thanks to its lower operating cost and longer life span. And while most people like the idea of a smaller unit with no large tank to take up space, there is the consideration of operating capacity. Each tankless water heater is designed to provide a specific amount of hot water.

This means that you might need a larger unit or multiple units if you have a simultaneous demand from multiple showers, faucets, or other hot water consumers like a washing machine. The specifications for each tankless water heater should be considered and discussed with your Parobek Plumbing professional to determine which unit will best meet your needs. 

When you need a new tankless water heater installed, your first task should be to select a reliable plumbing company who will provide you with free written price quotes, a history of reliability and integrity, a connection to your community, and a dedication to customer service and satisfaction. All of these added-value features might sound like a lot to ask for, but these are all part of how Parobek Plumbing does business every day. Our goal is to take a challenging experience for our customer and turn it into a stress-free and pleasant exchange between a respected customer and a professional service provider. Call us today at (512) 910-8123 and learn more about all of the services we provide, our warranty, and our commitment to provide 100% customer satisfaction when installing your tankless water heater as well as any other plumbing service that you ever need.

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