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You may need an inspection of your home due to plumbing issues that you’ve been having. You may have heard the seller of a new home state that this issue has not been addressed but they are willing to knock off some money from the purchase price if you address it. Whatever the cause is for having an expert plumber from Parobek Plumbing come in, we are sure to find the problem.

One of the tools that we use is the latest in plumbing technology. Inline video pipe inspections can be done throughout the lines and pipes in your home. If the area is too small for us to get into, look in, and diagnose the problem – we bring this tool to help us take a look.

Learn more about this tool, what it is, and how it works so you know exactly what to expect when we come in to do the inline video pipe inspection in your Bastrop County home. Call now! 512-910-8123

Advantages of Video Plumbing Inspection

Inline video pipe inspections is a small camera that is placed on the end of a wire. This wire is so thin that it is able to fit into the smallest areas throughout the plumbing system or pipes. This allows us to look on the screen attached to the camera to see if there are problems that need to be addressed.

We will look for a number of problems, such as, but not limited to:

Any problem that is within the line or piping system can be found using this inline video. It provides an overall scan that would not be able to be visible without it. If we are searching in the wrong area, we can move on to find the area where we need to search. We will locate the problem and get it fixed, so you can have the water that you need.

A Less Invasive Method to Locate Plumbing Problems

We want to provide you with the best services. In order to diagnose the problem is without tearing down your wall, we will have to use this technology. We understand that you still have to maintain living in your home while we are working. This is why we provide only the highest level of respect during each and every inspection, repair, or replacement that we have to do inside a residential home. We will also provide you with an in-depth report of what it is that we found, how it can be fixed, the approximate time to have it completed, as well as a price estimate. You’re the one that chooses whether or not to have us fix it.

How We Use Video Inspections for Plumbing Issues?

We will set the inline video up to be placed in the area of concern. From there, we will keep feeding the wire into the pipes and take notes during the entire process. We want to locate the source of the problem while also remembering where it is. With this in mind, we take our time to search through all of the areas, not leaving anyone pipe out. Once we locate the problem, we will then make sure to have it fixed. Depending on the problem, it could be a long, tedious fix or a quick, easy one where we are in and out.

Every problem is different, but with our inline video, we can pinpoint it, know where to go to fix it, and hopefully rid you of your water problems. This is why we have this video system. Imagine the days when they were not around. We would have to take out the entire wall just to locate a small problem within the system. Not only was this labor intensive, but it could cost a lot more compared to using a small machine that shows you the problems.

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