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Plumbing is an essential part of the function of your home. With multiple systems of Draining, and Heating water that work together to maintain your home’s Plumbing. It doesn’t take just anyone to maintain it either. If you suspect a problem or are in need of maintenance then you should call Parobek Plumbing at (512) 910-8123. We are a full service plumbing company with over 20 years of experience. So at any moment you need a Plumber in La Grange, Tx then (512) 910-8123 is the number to call. 24/7 Emergency service as well as Same Day appointments. 

When our Plumber arrives at your home you can expect flat rates and honest prices on all services you need. Don’t trust just any Plumber in La Grange, Tx, let us at Parobek Plumbing show you what the highest quality Plumbing Craftsmanship looks like. Call (512) 910-8123 now to have any and all questions answered!

We offer a variety of services as followed:

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Water Heater Repairs And Installation

Your water heater does an essential job in your home. And when it is no longer providing the hot water that you need, a call to (512) 910-8123 can have that problem corrected quickly. And we are not just talking about installing a new water heater. Our factory-trained plumbers have the expertise to repair many of the issues that could be preventing your water heater from doing its job. And those repairs have a much smaller price tag than a brand new water heater installation.

If your water heater is over a decade old, then a repair is probably not the best investment. However, if a new unit is not in your current budget, a repair can give you the time that you need to work that major purchase in at a better time. And our pros will explain to you all of your options, the price of each option, and why we believe that one choice could be better than the others. But in the end, we will do whatever we can to get your hot water flowing in a manner that also allows your household budget to remain intact.

Clogged Drain Cleaning

Slow clearing drains are a sign that something is not working correctly. And if the problem is not investigated and eliminated, you are going to be facing a flood of dirty water and even sewage very soon. But please don’t give in to the DIY impulse to pour some harsh chemical “drain cleaner” down your sink. All that will accomplish is creating some toxic fumes in your home and possibly even melting your drain pipes. The only sure cure for a clogged drain is a professional drain cleaning from Parobek Plumbing. Our team never uses noxious chemicals to remove stubborn clogs. We only use clean water and our hydro-jet machine to blast all of the debris, clogs, and sticky residue from the inside of your drain pipes.

Leak Detection

Water leaks in your La Grange, Tx home have the potential to create thousands of dollars in water damage and even create health hazards in your home. Moisture is absorbed by the materials used to build your home, such as the wooden beams, flooring, and drywall. And then those moist areas become the perfect home for toxic black mold.

Some of the critical signs of a water leak in your home include moist flooring, damp walls or ceilings, mold or mildew growth, or a musty smell in your home. If you have discovered any of these indications of a water leak, call to schedule an appointment with our leak detection specialists. These highly skilled licensed plumbers use moisture sensors, temperature-sensitive cameras, and sound amplification equipment to locate even the well-concealed leaks in your home. Once we find the problem, we will provide you with cost-effective options to repair the leak. And prevent any further water damage or health hazards in your home.

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If you suspect trouble with your drains, call Parobek Plumbing at 512-910-8123 today for same-day services!

Sewer Line Repair

Your home’s sewer line carries all of the dirty water from your drains and all of the waste from your toilets to the city sewer main. But if your sewer line becomes clogged or damaged, all of that mess is going to back up into your home. The only way to avoid the frustration and contamination of a sewer line backup is to call us as soon as you discover the problem.

Most sewer line leaks are in your yard and can be located by smell and by sight. Any overly wet area with a foul odor is going to be due to a leaking sewer pipe. However, not all leaks are visible. Fortunately, our sewer line repair specialists have tiny cameras that can be inserted into your sewer pipe to determine what the problem is, and where it is located. This is far more cost-effective than digging up the entire pipe to find a single clog or crack. And that saves you a lot of money and damage to your yard.

Emergency Plumbing Service

Any plumbing problem that is flooding your home, depriving you of hot water, or could result in sewage backing up in your home could be considered an emergency. At Parobek Plumbing, our team of full-service licensed plumbers is available 24/7 to assist you with any plumbing concern that you feel needs immediate attention. All you need to do is call (512) 910-8123, and we will have a clearly marked company truck on the way to your home in just minutes.

And once our plumber in La Grange, Tx determines the cause of your plumbing problem, we will provide you with a complete cost estimate for the repairs. Even emergency service starts with a price quote so that you know exactly what our work is going to cost before we get started. And once the job is done, you have our complete warranty and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee backing our work.

Never put off calling (512) 910-8123 when you discover a plumbing problem in your home. The faster a Parobek Plumbing licensed plumber in La Grange, Tx arrives and repairs the problem, the less potential there is for expensive water damage, mold growth, or other issues to arise.

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