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Keeping Clogs & Other Drain Issues at Bay

Did you know that dirty drains can lead to a list of serious problems? Slow to drain toilets and sinks are nothing to just tolerate. A consistent back up of water could lead to corrosion build up or disease. Ultimately damaging your home and threatening your health. Call (512) 910-8123 now to speak with a professional about your Drains. We at Parobek Plumbing have over 20 Years experience serving the community with the best Drain Cleaning in Paige, Tx. We offer same day appointments and service, and when our licensed Plumber arrives at your home, you can be sure you will receive nothing short of the best quality customer service. A call to (512) 910-8123 is all it will take to make sure that your Drains are functioning properly. To ensure the longevity of your home’s sewage system, call now to receive top quality Drain Cleaning in Paige, Tx. (512) 910-8123

Common Causes Of Drain Clogs In Your Home

Drain clogs are one of the more common plumbing issues in most homes. And not all of these clogs are due to misuse of your home’s drains. Most clogs form over time and only become an issue when proper drain maintenance and professional drain cleaning is overlooked. This process is the only way to eliminate the widespread and unavoidable accumulation of greasy residue in your home’s drain pipes.

Once the pipes are coated with sticky oil-based residue, the wastewater flow is restricted. Also, the residue acts like a glue to hold bits of dirt and debris in the pipes rather than allowing it to wash away into the city sewer system. As this buildup increases, clogs form and eventually completely block your drain pipes. The result is a costly backup of water that can cause water damage and contamination in your home.

Each type of drain in your home is susceptible to certain kinds of debris and issues. And knowing these potential clog builders can help you to reduce the speed at which clogs form. But every home will require professional drain cleaning periodically to avoid the mess, water damage, and potential sewage contamination that is the result of a complete drain pipe blockage.

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Clogged Sink Drains

Oily materials are the number one nemesis of all drains. Sink drains see oils from cookware, dishwashing, and dumping used cooking oil down the drain. Even hot water is not going to stop some of the oil and grease from sticking to the drain pipes and restricting water flow. Then, the next time you rinse food particles or other waste down the sink, the residue will trap some of the particles. Soon you will see signs of a clog as your drain is slow to clear.

Bathroom sinks are also susceptible to grease buildup. But it is moisturizing soap and beauty products that introduce the oils into bathroom sink drains. That residue snags loose hair, beard trimmings, dirt, and debris to create equally challenging clogs in bathroom drains.

Shower And Tub Drain Clogs

Knowing that moisturizing bath and beauty products create an oily film inside your drain pipes, you can imagine what the inside of tub and shower drains look like. Oil-rich moisturizing body wash, shampoos, and hair conditioner will quickly coat the inside of all drain pipes. Then add in loose hair, stubble from shaving, and dirt removed from your skin and hair, and you have the makings of an epic drain clog. And the only thing that could be worse is adding in a bath or two for your furry friends. Pet hair clumps quickly and will form an instant drain clog.

Placing small mesh screens in all shower and tub drains is the best way to reduce the amount of hair and debris that is introduced into drains. This will not eliminate the need for professional drain cleaning in Paige, Tx. But it will help to reduce the frequency of clog issues. Screens and annual professional drain cleanings from Parobek Plumbing are the best way to know that your shower and tub drains are free from debris and residue that could create a costly backup in your Paige, Tx home.

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Toilet Back Ups

Overflowing toilets are the worst. But considering what is flushed daily, it is understandable that these drains can become clogged. Sadly though, most toilet clogs are due to foreign objects or materials that should never find their way into a toilet bowl or drain.

The only paper product that is safe to flush is toilet paper. By design, this paper breaks down quickly and does not become lodged in your home’s drain pipes. The same cannot be said for paper towels, moist wipes, napkins, or other hygiene products. And flushing of socks, mittens, and bad report cards is sure to have an adverse effect on your toilet drain.   

All drain pipes in every home can and will, at some time, require cleaning and proper maintenance. Proactively calling (512) 910-8123 for regular drain cleanings from the pros at Parobek Plumbing is the best way to avoid costly water and contamination damage to your home from a nasty drain clog. Let us earn your trust and business by showing you why the community has been trusting Parobek for their Drain Cleaning in Paige, Tx!

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