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Quality Shower & Tub Services

Parobek Plumbing offers plumbing services for showers and tubs in Bastrop County. Our local, family owned and operated company is committed to the Nextar Code of Ethics and always going the extra mile to make our customers happy. We can handle all your bathtub and shower plumbing needs, from minor repairs to complete replacement of showers and tubs.

If it’s time for a new shower or tub, give us a call at 512-910-8123 to learn how we can help your project go smoothly.

New Shower & Tub Installation

The expert plumbers at Parobek Plumbing provide installation of showers and tubs in Bastrop County for new residential construction, home additions, and remodeling projects. There are many options available for showers and bathtubs in styles to match any home. We can help you select the right new shower or bathtub and handle the installation for you.

It may be time to replace your shower or tub when:

Whether there is a problem with your existing tub or shower or you just want to upgrade for aesthetic reasons, a plumber in Bastrop County from Parobek Plumbing can provide you with the best quality products and expert installation. We can discuss your options and provide the information you need to select the right type of shower or tub for your bathroom.

Precision Repair for All Types of Shower & Tub Problems

We offer quality repair service for a broad range of shower and bathtub issues. Our plumbers can help solve problems with broken, chipped or missing shower tiles, leaky faucets, a crack or hole in a fiberglass tub, and more. We arrive on time, quickly assess the problem, and recommend the best repair option to restore your shower or bathtub to normal operation.

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For quality shower and tub installation and repair, call 512-910-8123.

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