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If you’re suffering from a lack of hot water due to a broken or poorly functioning hot water heater, we can help! The team here at Parobek Plumbing specializes in fast, affordable, and professional water heater replacement. Whether you are looking to upgrade an old and outdated unit, increase the amount of your home’s on-demand hot water supply, or replace a water heater that is past the point of repair, we have a solution for you.

Our family owned company staffs only the most courteous, knowledgable, and professional plumbers. We take great pride in employing background checked, drug tested, and state licensed plumbing technicians. Experience the Parobek Plumbing difference by giving us a call to schedule your water heater replacement today! We are standing by ready to serve you!

Is your water heater on the fritz? Not sure if you should repair or replace it? Call 512-858-8076 to learn how we can help you today!

Why Parobek Plumbing?

When you pick up the phone and contact Parobek Plumbing to perform your water heater installation, you can expect:

newly installed kenmore water heater

When you schedule your water heater replacement with Parobek Plumbing you can rest assured that our technicians will arrive in full-stocked trucks, equipped with the necessary tools and materials needed to diagnose your hot water heater issue. They will work quickly & carefully to determine whether the unit must be replaced or if repairing your broken water heater is an option.

From there they will walk you through your options for replacement. They will help you determine the correct size & brand that best fits your households hot water needs.

We Can Install All Major Brands, Models, & Water Heater Types

Whether your home runs a gas or electric water heater, a standard or tankless unit, or you are thinking about going solar with your unit, we have a solution for you. Our expertly trained water heater replacement experts have the tools and training to install any type of water heater you can imagine. When it comes to brands, we can install Rheem, Bradford White, Noritz, Kenmore, AO Smith, Bosch, and more! And if you have already purchased a water heater and just need a licensed plumber to complete the installation, we can do that, too!

Call us today to schedule your easy estimate and get all of the information you need to make the right decision for your property, free of charge! Our water heater replacement service is second-to-none and we cannot to show you the Parobek difference.

Schedule your water heater replacement in Bastrop today by giving us a call at 512-858-8076. We are standing by ready to get your hot water flowing again!

If you are experiencing smelly water flowing from the taps in your home there is a quicky and easy way to tell if the issue is with the water supply or your hot water heater. If you open a faucet in your home and the cold water smells, it is water supply. A whole home water filtration system or water softener could prove to be a good solution for your home.

If the issue is discolored water or if your water only smells when you set the taps to “hot”, the issue is very likely within your hot water heater itself. Hot water heaters will produce smelly water due to a reaction between high concentration of sulfates within your water and your hot water heater’s anode rod. Anode rod’s can be replaced.

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