4 Things to Do if You Have a Leaky Pipe

Leaky pipes can happen for many different reasons. If you recently worked on them, you might find you didn’t tighten them enough. Leaks also form when the pipes are old or suffer from any type of damage. As the leak grows, it can cause more damage than you expect to your floors and other nearby areas. We’ll help you learn what to do when you suspect a leak to protect your home.

Track the Leak

Tracking the leak helps you locate the source and decide on your next step. Turn off the TV and anything else that makes noise to listen for the sound of running or dripping water. Check inside cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom first. You may hear noises coming from the walls if the leak is behind them. If you don’t have any success finding the leak, hire a plumber to track it down.

Shut Off the Water

We know you don’t want to live without running water, but shutting it off is important. You have two options: shut off the main water valve or a point-of-use valve. The main water valve controls the entire flow of water and sends it to individual pipes. You’ll usually find it outside or in your basement. Smaller valves are on different pipes like the one under your bathroom sink. Twist the valve to turn off the water. Turning off the valve on a specific pipe allows you to still use water in other areas of your house.

Protect the Room

Taking a few steps now to protect the room will help you preserve all of your belongings. Move valuables to another room to keep them safe. Turn off the power or remove anything that uses power, as water and electricity are a dangerous mixture. You may want to put some fans in the room or open the windows, too. Circulating air around the room helps dry the water faster, which can prevent some types of damage.

Call in the Pros

While you can do a few things when you suspect you have leaky pipes, don’t expect to handle everything on your own. You might break a pipe when you try to tighten it. The quick fixes you see online only work for a short period and will often fail. Plumbers can handle anything you need. Not only can they find the leak, but they can also repair it and discover any other problems you may not know about.

When you suspect your pipes are leaking, find the source and shut off the water. You can then take steps to secure or protect the room, such as removing valuables and drying the space. Call Parobek Plumbing if you need help with leak detection and repair in Bastrop, TX.

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