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Don’t Let a Hidden Water Leak Ruin Your Holiday Celebration

With the holiday season just around the corner, you’re likely already preparing to host family and friends. You’re probably focusing on planning meals or tidying up an extra bedroom, but it’s also important to consider your plumbing system. While you may have neglected some of the early warning signs of a water leak because they didn’t cause major problems, you certainly don’t want a water leak to dampen your holiday fun. If you notice any of these signs, you probably have a hidden water leak.

Increasing Water Bill

Small fluctuations in your monthly water bills are normal, but a drastic change is a surefire sign of trouble. If you’re paying significantly more than usual, you probably have water leaking somewhere. Scheduling leak detection and repair not only protects your home, but also saves the money that you’re wasting on unnecessarily high water bills each month.

Structural Damage

Leaking water doesn’t only impact your finances; it also threatens the structural integrity of your home. Since most of your home’s plumbing is found behind walls and above ceilings, even the smallest of water leaks can create significant problems. If you notice discoloration on your walls, floors, or ceilings, you probably have a water leak. Additionally, peeling wallpaper, sagging ceilings, or large humps in your floors are all indicative of a water leak. These signs are especially problematic when you’re hosting holiday celebrations, so it’s important to recognize them early.

Bacterial Growth

Mold and mildew are not only unsightly, but they’re also unsafe. Even if you haven’t been exposed to bacterial growth for an extended period of time, you may notice an increase in allergy symptoms and respiratory issues. Since bacterial growth thrives on moisture, even a slow-dripping, seemingly small water leak has the potential to create a number of problems for your health. If you notice mildew on any non-shower surfaces in your home, it’s likely because of a water leak. Mold is also a surefire sign of moisture in your home and should be remedied as quickly as possible.

Musty Smells

If water is leaking inside your walls or ceilings, you’ll notice a musty odor. This stagnant smell is not only indicative of trouble, but it can also be quite embarrassing when you’re hosting guests for the holidays. If you notice these odors but don’t see any water leaking under your sinks, don’t delay calling for professional help.

A functional, efficient plumbing system is always important, but it may be even more crucial during the holidays. Don’t let a water leak ruin what should be the most wonderful time of the year as you celebrate with friends and loved ones. Contact Parobek Plumbing today to find out more about our leak detection and repair services as you prepare your Bastrop, TX home for the holidays.

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