A plumber is performing maintenance on a residential water heater

5 Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Water Heater Running Perfectly

Your household uses your water heater every single day, causing wear and tear to occur to the unit. To keep your water heater efficient and damage-free, there are some important maintenance tasks that a professional should conduct throughout the year.

1. Regularly Check for Leaks

A water heater leak can cause a tremendous amount of water damage. Frequently inspecting your water heater for any obvious signs of a leak can prevent a minor leak from becoming a major problem. If your water heater or the nearby fixtures are leaking, then you might notice standing water in the pan or discoloration on the ground or walls.

2. Check and Adjust the Temperature

Here in Bastrop County and the surrounding communities, homeowners should consider checking and adjusting their water heaters once every few months. Leaving the unit at a higher temperature can put unnecessary strain on the device and reduce its lifespan. Adjusting the water temperature is also going to reduce your family’s risk of scalding accidents.

3. Drain the Tank

When it comes to water heater maintenance, very few tasks are as important as regularly draining the basin. Over time, the basin is going to collect sediment, and that can result in hard water, low water pressure, and a shorter lifespan for the water heater. Luckily, draining a water heater tank is a simple task that one of our plumbers should be able to perform in under an hour.

4. Adjusting the Pilot Light for Gas Water Heaters

The pilot light should always be left on so that it can ignite the gas fuel source for your water heater. When a pilot light goes out or doesn’t have the right mixture of oxygen and fuel, then it could impact the water heater’s efficiency. At least once a year, you should have one of our plumbers inspect the pilot light to ensure that it is burning correctly.

5. Insulating the Tank and Pipes

During the Bastrop County fall and winter, your water heater might struggle to bring the water up to the correct temperature. That is why we often suggest that our clients have their water heaters and the nearby pipes properly insulated, inspected, and maintained. Adding a little extra insulation to those fixtures could reduce your monthly utility bills and provide you with more warm water when it is needed the most.

If you are a resident of Bastrop County or one of the surrounding communities and are having issues with your water heater, then we invite you to call Parobek Plumbing today. One of our experienced plumbers can locate the source of the problem and produce an affordable solution so that you can once again enjoy an efficient water heater.

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