The Different Ways Drain Video Inspections Can Save Money

When you’re living in Bastrop, TX, there are a number of things that can go wrong with your drains due to the weather and landscape. The oak and cypress trees that are common in the area have large roots that can penetrate your sewer line. In addition, the unexpected below-freezing temperatures during the winter can […]

Should I Use A Carbon Filter With My Water Softener?

Water quality has become a growing concern in Bastrop as well as across the country. You see news reports and stories about cities with unsafe water and residents who are getting sick because they trust their water provider to deliver water that is safe to drink. However, each homeowner’s responsibility is now to ask questions, […]

Did The Pandemic Leave You With A Bad Habit And Plumbing Issues?

While there is no doubt that the last year-plus has changed the lives of everyone in Bastrop, we are all happy to have sorted out many of the new “normals” of daily life. However, there could be one new habit that you picked up that is very hazardous to the health of your plumbing. When […]

What Homeowners Need To Know About Clogged Drains

Sadly, many homeowners in Bastrop are willing to ignore a slow clearing drain. It is not hard to notice that you are suddenly standing in dirty water while you shower or that the sink is still draining water after you have turned off the faucet. But some people choose to look the other way and […]

Do You Know The Signs Of A Water Leak In Your Home?

Most homeowners are guilty of overlooking a small drip or water leak in their home, thinking it is unimportant. Even a dripping hose bib or fitting at the swimming pool or spa equipment is believed to be so minor that it does not warrant a repair. The ground will soak up the moisture, and it […]

3 Costly Plumbing Mistakes To Avoid

Most homeowners take their home’s drains for granted, casually pouring all kinds of liquid and solid waste into them. And then, when there is a clog or other issue, they take matters into their own hands and try what appears to be an innovative and cost-effective DIY clog solution. But that same bottle of liquid […]

The Benefits And Added Value Of Professional Drain Cleaning

If you have ever tried to clean the drains in your home or remove the odor and clogs created by sticky grease and oil residue, you know that the process is not fun. You can invest hours plunging and pouring caustic chemicals into your Bastrop County home’s drain, only to discover that the time and […]

3 Simple Ways To Save Water And Time

With the hectic pace of life, it can be easy to forget about maintenance for your heating system. You don’t think about heating your home until the cold weather arrives. Then you flip a switch or reset the thermostat, and the system takes care of everything else. However, you can still take advantage of a […]

Water Heater Maintenance That You Need To Know

The water heater in your home is likely to be one of the most overlooked and underappreciated appliances you own. But it is also one that has your complete attention when it fails. No one is happy about taking a cold shower or cleaning up water from a leaking water heater. And sadly, many of […]

Preparing Your Plumbing When Selling Your Home

With the housing market bouncing back, this could be a great time to sell your home. And making it as attractive to buyers as possible is the best way to encourage a bidding war and a well above-asking price offer. But along with the cosmetic touch-ups, remember that your home’s plumbing is going to be […]